Unique Wedding Church Decorations for Your Pew

Published: 08th September 2008
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Finding the perfect wedding church pew decorations can be frustrating when planning your wedding, but the advent of the internet has changed that forever.

Now you can more readily find alternative and unique decorations you used to have to go to the craft supply stores to get. Unique pew decorations are available and all a bride has to do is exercise a little creativity.

One of the most common and inexpensive items to be used in wedding church pew decorations is tulle. This can be found in almost any store and decorating with it is easy. Another good thing about tulle is that it can travel well if you make your pew decorations ahead of time, which is always a smart thing.

But how do you decorate this tulle to show your own special taste? Most weddings have a theme, and you can enhance your theme by using special items attached to the tulle.

For example, if you are having a western theme wedding, you can wrap tulle around wildflowers such as daisies or bluebonnets and use a western bandana to accent.

What if you do not want to use tulle as a pew decoration? After discussing with church officials to see what is acceptable to use as far as attachment materials such as tape or sticky poster gum that leaves no residue, you can decide what to use.

A good idea that is also inexpensive is plants. By consulting with your florist you can find ferns or other potted plants that can be decorated using battery-operated twinkle lights or if the plants are small trees, you can use colored netting in accordance with the wedding colors to cover the top of them. These are unique and will add a special touch to your pews.

Other pew decorations to think about are special hurricane lamps, unlit tiki torches, or even a single candle attached to special floral bouquets. And if all else fails, you can always use a small individualized floral bouquet using the wedding flowers. Again, your florist or even a floral designer at a craft store can help create a one of a kind floral display to place on the end of the pews.

The wedding church pew decorations helps to ensure that a bride and groom's special day is unique and unforgettable. No matter what type of church you decide to get married in, you can usually decorate the pews.

However, in order to keep the church in the same condition that you got it in, you need to check with church officials on what is acceptable when using decorations. Pew decorations can be as simple as a bow, or they can be as elaborate as you can imagine.

Pew decorations are limited only to your imagination, and if all else fails check out what a specialized floral designer has to say in regards to your special and one of a kind pew decoration. For more information on church decorating, go to church-wedding-decorations.com

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